24 December 2016 Update 24.12.2016 (

Turret rotation speed has been increased for the following vehicles: (...) 

22 December 2016 Update 23.12.2016 (

Visibility system in combined battles has been improved; Changes to the Radius of unconditional detection in Ground forces as well as multiple fixes to multiple Japanese Ground Forces vehicles...

20 December 2016 Update 20.12.2016 (

Fixed the sound of aircraft ordnance striking ground vehicles. Client stability has been improved.(...)

20 December 2016 War Thunder Update 1.65 "Way of the Samurai" - changelog

A new Japanese tank tree, two locations, bombers cockpits and many other changes ! Meet update 1.65 "Way of the Samurai" !

14 December 2016 Update 14.12.2016 (

Fixed disappearing of shadows.; Client stability has been improved.

9 December 2016 Update 09.12.2016 (

A bug where after firing ATGM’s they didn’t disappear on the tank damage indicator has been fixed.; Client stability has been improved.

7 December 2016 Update 07.12.2016 (

Rewards for destroying naval vessels and ground AI targets in air battles have been increased by 10%.; Rewards for destroying different types of vehicles in ground battles have been adjusted (reduced or increased) in accordance to the rewards in SL.; Client stability has been improved.

5 December 2016 Update 06.12.2016 (

Bugs fixed for the AD-2 and Meteor series, High Quality available again on cards with 1GB of memory, freezes when buildings were destroyed has been fixed and Client stability has been improved.

30 November 2016 Update 30.11.2016 (

A bug, where axis settings on the keyboard would perform incorrectly, has been fixed; A rare bug on the location “Stalingrad”, where in some cases during combined battles destroyed train carriages  would be restored, has been fixed; Client stability has been improved.

28 November 2016 Update 28.11.2016 (

Fixes in camera, view and zoom issues. Client stability has been improved

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