25 October 2016 Update 25.10.2016 (

A rare bug which would occur during airstrikes in ground vehicle Arcade Battles, where the weaponry of an aircraft would be inoperable when attempting to fly it again, has been fixed.; A bug, where switching control modes would cause mouse-aim to become inoperable, has been fixed.; Client stability has been improved.

20 October 2016 Update 20.10.2016 (

A bug where the game did not indicate the start of a battle (game icon in the task menu did not flash) while game client was minimised has been fixed; A bug where incorrect number of remaining back-ups was displayed has been fixed; A rare bug when re-connecting to a game that had ended caused a crew lock has been fixed...

17 October 2016 Update 17.10.2016 (Server Update)

I-153 (all modifications) -  Specified calculation for airflow on the horizontal tail surfaces, Inertia calculations updated and damped in all axes (less “bobble” with full controls). Edited inertia calculations. Improved handling in all flight modes,the system of separate fuel filling and consumption of fuel from tanks has been switched on (controllability improved) . Ki-61 (Ko, otsu, hei) - operating canopy has been added.(...)

14 October 2016 Update 14.10.2016 (

Mechanics that allow players to reconnect to a battle have been added.A bug which would occur while changing the angle of view on an aircraft with telescopic sights to the “sniper” mode has been fixed. (...)

10 October 2016 Update 09.10.2016 (

A bug, which would occur when controlling tanks with a  gamepad during artillery aim or when selecting a radio command, has been fixed; Several bugs that caused micro-freezes during battle have been fixed.

7 October 2016 Update 07.10.2016 (

A bug where engine thrust dropped when a player opened controls menu has been fixed. A bug has been fixed where a player selects a control layout through the "Control Setup Wizard" and then removed one of the default key bindings through the "Controls" options menu, it would then reset the key binding to the default key after a client restart if left empty. T-29 - incorrect gun mantlet thickness has been fixed. Client stability has been improved.

6 October 2016 Update 06.10.2016 (Server Update)

The amount of SP (spawn points) for kill assist in RB for ground vehicles has been increased. PS4: fixed crash when returning to hangar after battle.

5 October 2016 Update 05.10.2016 (

Bf 109K - excessive engine overheat has been fixed; P-51D (all modifications) - engine overheat and cooling has been corrected; Client stability improved.

4 October 2016 Update 04.10.2016 (Server Update)

A bug where destroying a T20 did not count as a kill in the statistics has been fixed.;A bug with the Conqueror Mk.2 bottom armour has been fixed.;A bug with the T-26E hull armour has been fixed (driver’s hatch was not armoured).

4 October 2016 Update 04.10.2016 (

Client stability has been improved

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