29 December 2016 Update 29.12.2016 (

The way in which ground forces ammunition replenishment works on captured points has been changed. Each loaded shell will now immediately appear as usable ammunition, and there is no longer a need to wait until you are fully loaded before you can use it; Client stability has been improved...

27 December 2016 Update 27.12.2016 (Server Update)

FM corrections to the La-9 and La-11 including fuel consumption and WEP conditions; The order of how the ammunition is spent in E-100 has been changed; Sdkfz 9 Flak 37 marker on the minimap has been changed to SPG...

26 December 2016 Update 26.12.2016 (

Fix of animation in Fv438 Swingfire missile launch.

24 December 2016 Update 24.12.2016 (

Turret rotation speed has been increased for the following vehicles: (...) 

22 December 2016 Update 23.12.2016 (

Visibility system in combined battles has been improved; Changes to the Radius of unconditional detection in Ground forces as well as multiple fixes to multiple Japanese Ground Forces vehicles...

20 December 2016 Update 20.12.2016 (

Fixed the sound of aircraft ordnance striking ground vehicles. Client stability has been improved.(...)

20 December 2016 War Thunder Update 1.65 "Way of the Samurai" - changelog

A new Japanese tank tree, two locations, bombers cockpits and many other changes ! Meet update 1.65 "Way of the Samurai" !

14 December 2016 Update 14.12.2016 (

Fixed disappearing of shadows.; Client stability has been improved.

9 December 2016 Update 09.12.2016 (

A bug where after firing ATGM’s they didn’t disappear on the tank damage indicator has been fixed.; Client stability has been improved.

7 December 2016 Update 07.12.2016 (

Rewards for destroying naval vessels and ground AI targets in air battles have been increased by 10%.; Rewards for destroying different types of vehicles in ground battles have been adjusted (reduced or increased) in accordance to the rewards in SL.; Client stability has been improved.