1 March 2017 Update 01.03.2017 (

A bug related to the lighting of grass has been fixed.; A bug, which would result in an incorrect explosion noise occurring when artillery struck houses, has been fixed.; A bug, where the control settings assigned to the F11 key were not applied, has been fixed.; Client stability has been improved.


27 February 2017 Update 27.02.2017 (Server Update)

“Keen vision” skill parameters have been updated.

22 February 2017 Update 22.02.2017 (

New rewards for upcoming events and specials have been introduced. Client stability has been improved.

17 February 2017 Update 17.02.2017 (

A bug, where daily Battle Tasks were not displayed for some players, has been fixed, and the cost of vehicles in the war bonds shop has been reduced by 100 war bonds as compensation. 

16 February 2017 Update 16.02.2017 (

Water visuals have been improved. Tracer visuals have been improved for all guns of all vehicles. Various bug fixes, client stability has been improved.

14 February 2017 Update 14.02.2017 (Server Update) (economy changes updated)

Battle Rating changes; Economy changes; Changes to avoid extremely short game sessions, where heavy bombers quickly destroy bases and airfields and to increase the role of the ground units, thus increasing the role of the attackers.

10 February 2017 Update 10.02.2017 ( Damage model refinements

Damage model and weaponry of some ground vehicles has been refined, gameplay changes to locations and missions.

3 February 2017 Update 03.02.2017 (Server Update)

Na-To - fire rate has been improved from 7.8 shots per minute to 10.2 shots per minute (and now is equal to the fire rate of the Marder H)...

2 February 2017 Update 02.02.2017 (

A bug where occasionally a vehicle’s DM icon became magnified has been fixed; Client stability has been improved.

1 February 2017 Update 01.02.2017 (Server Update)

Several changes in vehicle data for ground vehicles and aircraft.