17 April 2017 Economy changes for April 2017

We introduced new economic changes to War Thunder for Realistic Battles, Simulator Ground Forces battles, and the Assault (PvE) modes.

14 April 2017 Update 14.04.2017 (

Missions - Balance changes. New section for decals “Nose art” has been added. Client stability has been improved.

13 April 2017 Update 13.04.2017 (

Client stability has been improved.

12 April 2017 Update 12.04.2017 (

A bug when the chassis of some aircraft was not displayed correctly in spectator mode has been fixed. A bug when components of the wing (aileron, flaps) of some aircraft were still being displayed when the wing had been separated in spectator mode has been fixed. (...)

7 April 2017 Update 07.04.2017 (Server Update)

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6 April 2017 Update 06.04.2017 (

Client stability has been improved. 


4 April 2017 Update 04.04.2017 (

A bug in WinXP when a game was launched in a full screen mode instead of windowed mode has been fixed; A bug when at 4k resolution damage model indicator icon was too small has been fixed.

31 March 2017 Update 31.03.2017 (

[Ground Strike] - Grave Robbers' Cliffs - a bug where vehicles were moving across mountains has been fixed.; A bug in Naval Battles event when an aircraft in the vehicle preset required repairs after the end of the battle has been fixed.; M5A1 5th arm.div - unlockable camos have been added.; Cobra King - unlockable winter camo has been added.


30 March 2017 Update 30.03.2017 (

Interface bug fix, changes in "Assaut" Co-Op mode, client stability has been improved

27 March 2017 Update 27.03.2017 (

A bug where the required vehicle limits were not working correctly in Enduring Confrontation mode has been fixed.
A visual bug when wing damage after the wing had been ripped off was displayed incorrectly has been fixed.
Client stability has been improved.