3 October 2016 Update 03.10.2016 (

Client stability has been improved

1 October 2016 Update 01.10.2016 ( / PS4 1.41)

Spawn point requirement for ZSU-23-4 has been fixed.;Damage of APHE rounds has been increased. This change was made to maintain damage effects (as it used to be) after fixing the DM in the 1.63.2 update (Fragments from shells incorrectly ignored modules such as engines and transmissions).(...)

29 September 2016 Update 29.09.2016 (Server Update)

KV-220 BR-365K (incorrectly added) has been replaced with the BR-365A ammo; A bug where ZSU-23-4 was not able to rearm on the cap point has been fixed; Rangefinder position in the gunsight has been fixed...

29 September 2016 War Thunder Update 1.63 "Desert Hunters" - changelog

23 new and improved vehicles, two locations, High-resolution Texture Streaming and many other novelty changes! According to our recent good tradition, the wait for a new major update has not been too long. Meet - update 1.63 “Desert Hunters”!

15 September 2016 Update 15.09.2016 (

Client stability has been improved

2 September 2016 Update 02.09.2016 (Server Update)

From the update on you will only be able to apply identification marks of the 5 main nations (such as stars, crosses etc.) to the vehicles of these nations respectively. 

23 August 2016 Update 23.08.2016 (

Historical campaign progression has been fixed; Client stability improved.

15 August 2016 Update 15.08.2016 (Server Update)

Rare bug where a player received 10-15% RP less than should have been awarded has been fixed.

10 August 2016 Update 10.08.2016 (Server Update)

Control performance in ABfor some ground vehicles has been improved; The penetration of german 150 mm HEAT ammo has been fixed - it is now 160mm instead of 250mm; Gun barrel material type for Coelian SPAA and T-62 tank has been changed.

9 August 2016 Update 09.08.2016 (

Linux: Crashes on launch on some system configurations has been fixed.

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