27 January 2017 Update 27.01.2017 (Server Update)

Chi-Nu II BR has been lowered from 4.3 to 3.7 in all modes.

23 January 2017 Update 23.01.2017 (

A bug where on occasion the sound of the aircraft isn't played in a replay, has been fixed.; A bug where the waiting player numbers is displayed incorrectly in the queue has been fixed.; Client stability has been improved.

18 January 2017 Update 18.01.2017 (

Type 60 - a bug where ammo allocation was incorrect after changing specific ammo types has been fixed.;Na-To - open hatches position on the destroyed vehicle has been fixed.;A rare bug where test channel did not operate whilst voice chat with push-to-talk option was enabled.(...)


16 January 2017 Update 16.01.2017 (Server Update)

Queues for events with identical lineups for teams will now be displayed not by teams, but by nations (like the queues in random battles); Seasonal hangar has been switched off...

13 January 2017 Update 13.01.2017 (Server Update)

Type 62 - 3BK2 HEATFS shell has been added to the ammunition. The Battle Rating has been changed from 5.7 to 6.7 for all battle modes. Armor fix for japanese tanks.

11 January 2017 Update 11.01.2017 (

Fixed errors in the T-54 series damage model with some penetration damage effects on internal modules and components when getting hit from front.; Fixed a bug in the IS-3 damage model associated with the reduction of driver’s ability when machine gun fire hits the  vision port without penetrating the armour.(...)

10 January 2017 Update 10.01.2017 (

Changes in Flight Models; BV  238 - Inoperative instruments in the cockpit have been fixed (source).; Bug where after battle, preselected ammunition loadouts were reset has been fixed (source).; (...)

31 December 2016 Update 31.12.2016 (Server Update)

The radius of 100% vehicle visual detection (in ground battles) has been temporarily* increased from 75m to 215m.

29 December 2016 Update 29.12.2016 (Server Update)

BR changes to aircraft and Ground Forces. Type 2 Ka-Mi and Type 97 Chi-Ha Kai are now available for research and purchase for all players.

29 December 2016 Update 29.12.2016 (

The way in which ground forces ammunition replenishment works on captured points has been changed. Each loaded shell will now immediately appear as usable ammunition, and there is no longer a need to wait until you are fully loaded before you can use it; Client stability has been improved...