8 August 2016 Update 08.08.2016 (

Client stability has been improved; Negative climb rate values for some aircraft in aircraft cards have been fixed.

5 August 2016 Update 05.08.2016 (

Bug where in rare cases a crew member didn’t switch to gunner position has been fixed, Client stability has been improved.

4 August 2016 Update 04.08.2016 (

Textures for destructible objects in locations for ground vehicles has been fixed for graphic settings “Compatibility with older graphic cards”.; The conditions for obtaining camouflage for the M60 and M60A1 has been fixed (increased).; Client stability has been improved.

3 August 2016 War Thunder Update 1.61 "Road to Glory"

War Thunder proudly presents Update 1.61 'Road to Glory. New Aircraft and Ground Vehicles, updated models, a new Season System for Squadron Battles, improved gameplay and much more! Check it out now!

12 July 2016 Update 12.07.2016 (

Rare bug fixed, where in some mountain locations it was possible that aircraft could spawn at the start of a match directly in front of rock; MAC: Client stability has been improved.

8 July 2016 Update 08.07.2016 (Server Update)

It is possible now to purchase 3D Decorations, three branches in the group camouflage (as one bunch pieces) in the in-game shop, which were previously only available in the warbond shop; Changes in Flight Model.

7 July 2016 Update 07.07.2016 (Server Update)

SS11 missile (RJpz-2 and Strv 81) performance has been fixed - previously a missile reached its maximum speed at the maximum shot range. Engine thrust has been increased, thus a missile reaches a speed of 150 m/s within the first 1000 metres; BR changes for aircraft and ground vehicles have been implemented...

1 July 2016 Update 01.07.2016 (

The algorithm of the indicator of the armour piercing and ballistic computer operation in arcade battles has been changed. Now the indicator of the armour piercing works up to the 800m range and the ballistic computer works up to the 1200m range; Creating a squad is now possible before joining chat. A chat channel will now be created after squad creation...

30 June 2016 Update 30.06.2016 (

A bug, where the degree of incline of anti-aircraft guns for some tanks were limited to the degree of incline of the respective tank’s main cannon, has been fixed; A bug, where switching from the gunner’s view to the binoculars view would result in the camera starting in a different direction, has been fixed.

29 June 2016 Update 29.06.2016 (

The spawn altitude for bombers has been changed (now it is 4,500 for strategic bombers and 3,500 for all other bombers); Airfield durability in all air AB and RB missions has been increased - a slight increase for low rank battles and a significant increase for high rank battles; Changes in Flight Models; Vehicles characteristics and DM updates

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