The damage model AI ships

Our dedicated Wikipedia article breaks down the damage model of the computer controlled AI ships that are fighting alongside (or against!) you in battle, giving pilots the ultimate guide to best equip their aircraft for Naval Assault and make the most of their onboard arsenal.


2 February 2017

Wiki Ordnance Section

Today we would like to share with you the latest category from the Wiki Team -  Ammunition. Filled with detailed information commonly asked by many players such as -  “what is a practice round” or “what ammunition belt is best for my situation?”.


15 January 2017

How the instructor works

Have you ever considered how the virtual instructor influences your aircraft? Perhaps keen to learn more about the control methods available to you  in War Thunder?


1 December 2016

Damage Mechanics

Have you ever wondered how the damage mechanics work for Aviation and Ground Forces function in War Thunder? Perhaps you were interested in finding out how realistic shells and ordinance was translated across to our virtual battlefields? Wonder no more!


17 November 2016