Your account is valuable - Protect it!

Your personal account is more than just a piece of data - it is your footprint in the War Thunder universe. It’s your nickname that your buddies and squadron mates in game know you by, and it’s your combat achievements that may have already given yourself some real reputation among your virtual opponents on the battlefield.


16 February 2017

Type 87: The Japanese Gepard

The Japanese Type 87 anti-aircraft gun came to replace the export version of the American Duster SPAAG.


15 February 2017

Make your vehicle more authentic

Make your vehicle more authentic! We regularly introduce new decals you may unlock and/or purchase.


15 February 2017

Has decal
Spitfire Mk IIb: an old friend

Introducing another aircraft model update, this time - it’s an iconic WW2 fighter - the Supermarine Spitfire Mk IIb.


14 February 2017

New Tracers

In one of the nearest War Thunder updates, we will significantly improve the visuals for tracers in our game.


14 February 2017

Best Tournament players February 11th and 12th

Each weekend, War Thunder players compete for the first places in the blitz-tournaments on the TSS website. Let’s meet the new winners!


14 February 2017

Valentine's Day

Dear players, Valentine’s day in War Thunder will bring more love - and you may share it with others and win valuable prizes!


14 February 2017

The damage model has been refined

Damage model of the non-armoured and light-armoured vehicles has been refined in the update


11 February 2017

Naval pre-beta testing schedule

This weekend, participants of the Naval pre-beta test will be able to join a “Naval Battle” mission in the familiar location “Scandinavia” or the brand new “English Shore” .


10 February 2017

Thunder Show: Tank rain

It's time for your weekly episode of the Thunder Show! Enjoy our selection of epic and humorous Community videos of the week.


10 February 2017

Invite a friend - get a reward and share your stories!

Going to battle alone is dangerous, especially on the fierce battlefields of War Thunder. Playing together as a team is the key to victory.


10 February 2017

The Shooting Range Ep. 31

You are watching The Shooting Range – a weekly show for all tankers, airmen and aspiring Captains in War Thunder.


9 February 2017