Type 89 I-Go Ko: First Series

Continuing our Japanese tank line is the Type 89 I-Go Ko, a modification of the Japanese Empire’s first series-produced tank.


21 November 2016

ST-A1: Stepping into a New Era

After Japan's unconditional surrender at the end of World War 2, the shattered empire had been deprived of the opportunity of developing their own armoured vehicles. Here today we will show you the prototype Japanese ST-A1 medium tank!


18 November 2016

Type 3 Chi-Nu: Last Line of Defense

The Type 3 Chi-Nu medium tank is rightly considered the best series-produced Japanese tank of World War II. It was created as the last line of defense in the case of an enemy invasion in Japan.


16 November 2016

Type 97 Chi-Ha: Hope of the Army

When talking about Japanese tanks, it’s impossible to forget the second most mass-produced tank in Japan in World War II. Meet the Type 97 Chi-Ha!


11 November 2016

Type 2 Ka-Mi: Beach Patrol

Time to continue the tale of the Japanese armored vehicle tech tree in War Thunder! Our special guest today is the Type 2 Ka-Mi tank, a mass-produced but a very unusual vehicle!


10 November 2016

Announced Naval forces compilation!

Naval part will be with us shortly - and there will be many unique vessels, some of which we have already presented to you via our Development blogs. In order that you don't get lost in what's planned, we have prepared an announced vehicle summary for you.


8 November 2016

D-3 torpedo boat: Warrior of the North

The Soviet D-3 torpedo boats were produced at the same time as the G-5 boats, but were capable of completing a far greater range of tasks than their competitors. Meet a new boat in the USSR tech tree!


31 October 2016

T-14 Class torpedo boat: Single-Engine Seafarer

The small T-14 Class torpedo boat used by the Japanese commanders will be one of the first vessels in War Thunder naval battles.


27 October 2016

77 ft Elco PT-20 Class torpedo boat: Powerful Reserve

Our focus today is the American 77 ft Elco PT-20 Class starter torpedo boat, which is capable of performing very well even outside the ‘sandbox’.


24 October 2016

The Fairmile C - A greyhound with bite

With the Closed Beta Test of Naval forces coming soon, it is only logical to introduce another of the upcoming Royal Navy beauties. We would like to present to you the Fairmile C motor gun boat - the older brother of Fairmile D, already presented to you in a past devblog.


21 October 2016

G-5 torpedo boat: The Little Terror

We present the most widely produced Soviet boat of the 1941 to 1945 WWII period – the G-5 motor torpedo boat.


19 October 2016

Reconnect mechanics

Loss of connection to the server is no longer a verdict for battle! We are introducing the long-awaited mechanics of return to battle due to a lost connection!


14 October 2016