Squadron Battle Replays

Today, we are excited to introduce a new feature which will be available on the Official War Thunder Website: The ability to watch replays of Squadron Battles right on the website!

23 December 2015

Thunder League - “Dog Tags” - Don’t miss an opportunity!

The take up of this unique offer, is rocketing and our fans are loving the idea, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the “Dog Tag” scheme where all can benefit.

21 December 2015

7v7 'Tactical Battle' Tournament

“Tactical Battle” will be the main eSport format in War Thunder. The battles will be in a 7 vs 7 format and players will be able to decide their role in a battle by themselves!

23 October 2015

Thunder Cup - Qualifying Tournament

From October 2nd to October 7th first automated squadron tournament in 7v7 tactical battles form took place - the qualifying tournament for the Thudner Cup I!

2 October 2015

V Rank Tournaments

Lately we have received a lot of requests from players who ask to also include top-rank vehicles. So this weekend we will have more speed and power!

31 July 2015

Aces of Normandy Tournament

To celebrate the anniversary of the D-Day, we've prepared another series of Air Tournaments for you to hone your skills, win unique titles, decals and of course Golden Eagles!

29 May 2015

"D-Day" Combined Battles 7x7

The International tactical team tournament devoted to the Allied landing in Normandy, 1944.

19 May 2015

Results of the 'Wings of Victory' tournament!

The 'Wings of Victory' tournament is over - check the results here!

16 May 2015

Tank Tournament 4x4

Participate from the 10th to 12th of May in our new 4x4 Tank Tournament in War Thunder! Play with your friends on the well-known city maps of Poland and Eastern Europe!

10 May 2015

Wings of Victory

From May the 1st until May the 6th we have a qualifying 4v4 tournament running and the best 300 players in each mode will be able to participate in the first automated 1v1 tournament in the history of flight simulators!

5 May 2015

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