Thunder Show: Space program

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10 May 2017

Best Tournament players May 6th and 7th

Dear friends! We congratulate the winners of the first tournament weekend of May!

10 May 2017

Happy Victory Day!

On the 8th of May 1945, Allied forces who had fought during the Second World War celebrated “VE Day” or “Victory in Europe Day”.


8 May 2017

Victory Day with War Thunder

Warriors, today we celebrate Victory! Don’t miss your chance to participate in the special events and even receive the famous ‘Weapon of Victory” -  the legendary MLRS BM-13 on the Studebaker US6 chassis also known as “Katyusha” and other prizes!


5 May 2017

Has decal
Victory Day Tournament

Pilots and tankers! In honour of Victory Day, open tournaments will be available to all players!

5 May 2017

War Thunder Chronicles

On the eve of the Day of Victory on the 9th of May you will be able to tread the path of glory, use your skills and get rewards that are worthy of real winners! WWII chronicles has begun!


5 May 2017

Has decal
BM-13N: Say Hello from Katyusha! (updated)

We present to you the legendary Katyusha in War Thunder – a true weapon of victory!


5 May 2017

Victory Day discounts

Special premium vehicle bundles with a discount of up to 50%!


5 May 2017

War Thunder Competitions - April winners

After reviewing the entries of our last month's Community competitions, we are now happy to announce the winners that are sharing a total prize fund of 10 500 Golden Eagles! Interested in joining in yourself? Find out more here!

5 May 2017

Project 7U Destroyer

A new addition to the Soviet fleet – the Project 7U Destroyer. Ships of this class served in defense of the Soviet Union from the earliest days of its involvement in the Second World War.


4 May 2017

The Shooting Range Ep. 43

You are watching The Shooting Range – a weekly show for all tankers, airmen and aspiring Captains in War Thunder.


4 May 2017

Fiat G.55 Centauro - “A Dual Personality”

The G.55 is a late war monoplane fighter developed by Fiat in an attempt to provide Italian pilots with an answer to the most modern allied aircraft of the day. Meet what was deemed by even some Luftwaffe seniors as “the best Axis fighter” in War Thunder’s Update 1.69!


4 May 2017