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4 May 2017

Weekend tournaments, May 6th-7th

Pilots and tankers! Every weekend we continue to introduce more tournaments on the TSS portal! 

4 May 2017

WW2 Chronicles vehicles: Yak-3T (USSR)

The Yak-3T was an experimental version of the renown Soviet Yak-3 fighter that attempted to improve its firepower and allow it to effectively engage heavily armored targets, such as tanks.


3 May 2017

Players who surprised us in April

We are happy to introduce the very original top-5 players from the previous month. Unusual achievements you would never think of. Every one of these players is extremely good in his own way of gaining victory - or at least trying to do so.


3 May 2017

“Colosseum” Series of Tournaments - May 2017

The “Colosseum” series of the team tournaments continues! In May, you will be able to participate in the following tournaments.


3 May 2017

World War Mode

World War is a totally new, full-scale mode in our game! A worldwide war is breaking out between squadrons for global supremacy on the ground, on the seas, and in the skies!


3 May 2017

Fiat CR.32: The Spanish Cricket

The CR.32 is an Italian biplane fighter and was the most widely used aircraft in the Spanish Civil War. 1,211 vehicles were produced, and this nippy “cricket” was exported to China, Hungary, Austria, Paraguay, and Venezuela, was licensed for production in Spain, and also formed the core of Italy’s armed air force in the latter half of the 1930s.


2 May 2017

Italian aircraft in War Thunder Update “1.69 ”Regia Aeronautica”

In the nearest major update we plan to separate Italian aircraft into a stand-alone research tree. Meet the new War Thunder nation - Italy!


2 May 2017

WW2 Chronicles vehicles: A33 Excelsior (GB)

The A33 Excelsior Heavy Assault Tank is an up-armoured and up-gunned experimental heavy vehicle based on the chassis of the A27 Cromwell Cruiser tank that will be available as a reward for this years World War 2 Chronicles series of events.


1 May 2017

How can you get premium vehicles? Warbonds!

We remind you that the April brought to us a new assortment in the war bonds shop, and you are still able to get enough Warbonds to purchase the most valuable specimens of rare premium vehicles!


30 April 2017

Thunder Show: True Chivalry

It's time for your weekly episode of the Thunder Show! Enjoy our selection of epic and humorous Community videos of the week.


28 April 2017

Tribal-class destroyer

Recently we told you about the naval battles development progress in our game. Your feedback helped us to improve the existing naval gameplay and today we proudly introduce the first representative of a new class of vessels in War Thunder - the British Tribal destroyer!


28 April 2017