31 May 2017 War Thunder Update 1.69 "Regia Aeronautica" - changelog

Dear players! It's time for a new major update for War Thunder! A full list of new features and changes is available in the changelog on the update page. 

29 May 2017 Update 29.05.2017 (Server Update)

Ho-Ro -  minimap icon has been fixed (it was previously displayed as a medium tank).; A33 – camera position in SB has been fixed.; ZiS-43 - camera position in 3rd person view has been moved further from the vehicle’s model. Previously it was too close which caused some problems. (...)

27 May 2017 Update 27.05.2017 (

A bug where a player flying an aircraft in combined battles displayed a landing gear wheel on the aircraft has been fixed

25 May 2017 Update 25.05.2017 (

A bug where 3d decorations were not displayed in battle has been fixed. A bug where the daily reward was not given to some players has been fixed. Stabilizer performance bug at short distances has been fixed. Smoke display bug on minimal graphics setting has been fixed.

18 May 2017 Update 18.05.2017 (Server Update)

Wing spar and fuel tank materials characteristics have been updated - they are now less resistant to kinetic ammo, previously specific aircraft’s wing spars could not be damaged by AP rounds (up to 20mm calibre). Kinetic ammo (7.5-13 mm) energy loss over distance or when consequently penetrating aircraft construction has been reduced.

18 May 2017 Update 18.05.2017 (

HTC Vive support has been restored.; A bug where some users didn’t have the option to change rocket explosion distance in menu has been fixed; Client stability has been improved.

11 May 2017 Update 11.05.2017 (

A bug where an aircraft in clouds would display glare and shadows as if in direct sunlight has been fixed.; Client stability has been improved.

6 May 2017 Update 06.05.2017 (Server Update)

BM-13N. To allow easier targeting of weapon, a simulation of a hole being created under front wheel using adjustable tank suspension has been added. You can adjust the declination angle using the adjustable suspension buttons. For BM-13N, the adjustment is possible only on one axis and only at full stop.

5 May 2017 Update 04.05.2017 (Server Update)

PV-2D Harpoon - Corrected lower fuselage Browning .30 M2-AN machine guns. Changed to large-caliber Browning M2 .50 cal.;A33 Excelsior: BR has been reduced in all modes from 4.3 to 4.0. ;

4 May 2017 Update 04.05.2017 (

Client stability has been improved.