2 May 2017 Update 02.05.2017 (

Some errors which occur with the 4k resolution have been fixed; The possibility of adding the achievements needed to receive camouflages from the “Skins”  tab  to the favorites tab, has been added...

27 April 2017 Update 28.04.2017 (Server Update)

Matilda MK-2 F-96 -  the mass of the tank has been reduced from 31 tons to 28.5 tons thus tank mobility has been improved.    
Parameters of aileron material on all aircraft types has been corrected. Previously, a large aircraft’s ailerons could not be damaged by high-calibre MG shots

26 April 2017 Update 26.04.2017 (Server Update)

The number of shells in the ammunition stowage for the A12 Matilda has been changed, according to the data sheet.
The “Matilda MK II” (USSR) with F-96 cannon and the “PV-2D Harpoon” (USA), special premium vehicles (Vehicles of WW II Chronicles), have been added.

24 April 2017 Update 24.04.2017 (

WinXP windowed mode bug has been fixed; GEAR, RPM, STAB parameters have been removed from spectator view; Client stability has been improved. 

21 April 2017 Update 21.04.2017 (Server Update)

Firefly F Mk I has been fixed according to data sheet, ammo load for Hispano Mk II cannon now 145 and 175 rounds for internal and external weaponry respectively. Ammo will be added to the X-ray view in one of the nearest updates. (...)

18 April 2017 Update 18.04.2017 (

A bug where occasionally an APHE round would either not penetrate or the resultant explosion caused little spalling effect has been fixed.; Client stability has been improved.

17 April 2017 Economy changes for April 2017

We introduced new economic changes to War Thunder for Realistic Battles, Simulator Ground Forces battles, and the Assault (PvE) modes.

14 April 2017 Update 14.04.2017 (

Missions - Balance changes. New section for decals “Nose art” has been added. Client stability has been improved.

13 April 2017 Update 13.04.2017 (

Client stability has been improved.

12 April 2017 Update 12.04.2017 (

A bug when the chassis of some aircraft was not displayed correctly in spectator mode has been fixed. A bug when components of the wing (aileron, flaps) of some aircraft were still being displayed when the wing had been separated in spectator mode has been fixed. (...)