5 October 2016

1 vs.1 Simulator Battles Tournament - open registration!

Register in 1 vs.1 Simulator Battles Tournament now!

Dear Pilots,

CAVOK channel, VKB company and Gaijin Entertainment officially announce that the registration for the dueling tournament in War Thunder is now open.

Tournament prizes:

The total prize fund of the tournament is 30.000 

  • 1st place —  Gladiator joystick, 1st place medal, FreeTrack from STRIX
  • 2nd place —  Gladiator joystick, 2nd place medal, FreeTrack from STRIX
  • 3rd place — Gladiator joystick, 3rd place medal, FreeTrack from STRIX



1st place medal

2nd place medal

3rd place medal


  • Tournament will be done in one stage;
  • Confirm your participation on the forum from 2nd of October (9:00 GMT) to 1st of November (12:00 GMT);
  • Calendar for games will be published on the 3rd of November;
  • Tournament will start on the 5th of November.

The tournament is conducted in a form of matches with players playing against each other 1 v 1. Pilots take part in a match using aircraft of the same type. Each match is conducted until 3 wins are achieved. A draw does not count. The selection of the aircraft for the match is determined by each player consecutively voiding them. The order for first choice of deletion is determined by a pre-selection draw.

Read more details and leave the application for participation in a special topic on the official War Thunder Forum.