27 December 2016

Videos week (28.12.2016)

Pilots, Tankers and Captains! Its time for our regular roundup of   Youtube creations from you, the War Thunder community. Enjoy watching!

Beginning this time with "Ode to War Thunder" a cinematic by sidemoody:

Next up, MikeGoesBoom provides a very educational video on just how much of an impact Fuel and Gun Pods have on your aircraft:

"TIME ", an excellent short cinematic by FrecherMarder:

Bo Time Gaming provides some adventures in the recently added Ju-88 C-6, "The Unstoppable Dakka Wagon!":

Lastly, some humorous fun of the Undead Onslaught of War Thunder "Zombie Tanks" custom battles by BaronVonGamez:

You can find more interesting videos on - Live.WT site

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