Air Duels: Corsair vs Hayate

Take over the helm of either the Hayate or Corsair and show what you can do in aerial duels over the Pacific! The battlefield - Iwo Jima - rewards the bravest pilots with Supply Boxes containing valuable items and decals!

18 March 2016

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V for Victory!

Play the game throughout the weekend and receive the unique “Victory” decal by gaining five victories using vehicles of ranks III to V in Random Battles!

18 March 2016

St. Patricks Day

St. Patrick's Day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on the 17th of March, and named in honour of the patron saint of Ireland.

17 March 2016

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500k - Facebook Mastermind Quiz

To mark the occasion of achieving 500k followers in Facebook, we would like to offer up a nice little competition for all our players.

9 March 2016

Team Deathmatch: Win rare vehicles!

Win the rare finnish KV-1B tank and American XF5F aircraft in our weekend Team Deathmatch special, where you only have to worry about one thing: Shooting down the enemy!

4 March 2016

Tank Duels: Crusader vs Pz.III at El Alamein

New duels, new faces, tankers! From the 26th of February you will have the opportunity not only to participate in historical battles in the Pz III J and the Crusader Mk II, but also unlock completly new tanker profile icons if you will be one of the best duelists!

26 February 2016

Valentine's Day in War Thunder

The Archer will be firing its arrows from cupid, and the Valentine will make sure the message of affection is received. Join in the fun with the perfect match made in heaven.

13 February 2016

Air Duels: Spitfire vs Bf.109

Take part in Air Duels whilst flying late-war Bf 109 and Spitfire aircraft. Destroy the enemy and receive 'Supply Boxes' containing valuable items!

12 February 2016

Tank Duels: Т-34-85 vs М26

Two different schools of tank engineering that once faced a common enemy. The USSR and the USA - each one of them followed their own way that depended on technological advances and battle experience.

29 January 2016

Air Duels: Ju 87 vs IL-2

Man your Junkers Ju 87 or Ilyushin IL-2 in War Thunder this weekend, and earn valuable in-game prizes by destroying ground targets! 

22 January 2016

Golden Battles in War Thunder!

Let us thaw out in January with some Golden Battles! Earn up to 1 000 Golden Eagles by winning battles this sunday! Enjoy!

17 January 2016

Heroes of War Thunder!

Earn bags full of Silver Lions as well as Golden Eagles and become a Hero of War Thunder, by fulfilling heroic deeds in battles over the next week.

9 January 2016