War Thunder Fulfills Your Wishes!

It’s Marathon time! Pilots and tankers, participate in Winter Holiday marathon and win unique vehicles, personal discounts, premium accounts, boosters and a unique 2016 new year decal!

8 January 2016

Holiday Bundles: Iron Eagles & Red Falcons

A new set of Holiday Bundles is available in the store with a whopping 40% discount! Check out the Iron Eagles and Red Falcons!

5 January 2016

Holiday Bundles

Holiday bundles available in the store with a 40% discount!

29 December 2015

Tank Races!

Roaring engines and chattering brakes. Slippery ice and tricky snow. Sharp turns and high speed. The tank races are here!

25 December 2015

Seasonal Sizzlers in War Thunder

The most magic holiday of the year is coming! While many of you have already received their first gift, let's find out what we have prepared for you this year!

23 December 2015

Collect a famous А13 Mk I 3rd RTR for Christmas!

Win a sweet British Premium Tank, a famous piece of "Royal Armour"! Have a great Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

17 December 2015

Discount for first Golden Eagle purchases!

Christmas is nearly upon us, so let’s kick off the festivities with a little discount on GE purchases in preparation for the upcoming holiday. We are sure you can put them to good use over the forthcoming weeks.

12 December 2015

Rocket Science!

It's rocket time! Participate in our special to get the chance of driving one of the new rocket tanks introduced in Update 1.53 Firestorm - besides winning plenty of other ingame items!

10 December 2015

Test Drive

Christmas holidays will be with us soon, while some pleasant surprises in War Thunder will be already available this weekend! Prove unique vehicles in battle and profit from increased Research Points and Silver Lions!

5 December 2015

Air Duels: P-38 vs. Me 410

Hornet or Lightning? This is the question to concern us this weekend in War Thunder! Take part in epic aerial duels and prove the worth of your nation's heavy fighter!

27 November 2015

Tank Duels: T-34-76 vs Pz.Kpfw. IV

Both the T-34 and Pz.Kpfw. IV were impressive fighting vehicles of their respective nation. This weekend, they will clash in epic duels in the winter battle of Stalingrad! Read our guide below to prepare yourself for battle!

20 November 2015

War Thunder: 3 Years Anniversary Specials

On November  the 1st, 2012, War Thunder was made available to the public. After an eventful three years, we say "Thank you!" to the Community that made all this possible. Happy War Thunder Birthday to everyone!

30 October 2015