The Novorossiysk Operation 7x7

We invite you to take part in the tournament dedicated to the landings of the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR during World War II that were performed from the 10th to the 16th of September in 1943.


9 September 2016

Gladiators 4x4

From September 2nd, 15:00 GMT to September 14th, 07:00 GMT “Gladiators” Duel Championship will take a place - prize fund - over 200,000 Golden Eagles


8 September 2016

Dislike Cup 7x7

This weekend, tune in to the live streams of matches of the first tournament by the Champions of the Thunder League, team Dislike with the support of Gaijin Entertainment.


3 September 2016

"The Summer Maneuvers" Tournament - "The Battle of Caen"

We invite you to take part in a tournament dedicated to the end of the battle of Caen, a city in Normandy, where the Allied forces met fierce resistance from the 21st German armoured division.


5 August 2016

Thunder League Battlegrounds 7x7 - Updated

Fellow pilots and tankers! Today, all squadrons in War Thunder can compete in a new type of squadron battle - the Thunder League Battlegrounds in the 7x7 format!


26 July 2016

Battle for survival - Deathmatch!

Deathmatch is a tournament where player does not have any allies and all other players in the match are enemies. Deathmatch tournament can take place in the air or on the ground in any of the three game modes: Arcade, Realistic or Simulator Battles.


8 July 2016

The Summer Maneuvers: Battle of Kursk

Join the first tournament of the 'Summer Maneuvers" series, the 'Battle of Kursk', to win prizes and secure your place on the leaderboards for the main reward: the Soviet P--63A-10 and German VK 4501P premium vehicles!


5 July 2016

The Contender Cup Finals

This Sunday the Grand Final of the Contender Cup took place - the winner is 1Shot and we congratulate them!


27 June 2016

Contender Cup by THINK

Fellow pilots and tankers! This weekend, don’t miss an opportunity to watch the unique tournament: Contender Cup by THINK!


17 June 2016

Thunder League Deathmatch Tournaments

Fellow pilots and tankers! This week you can take part in a new type of tournament - Deathmatch!


14 June 2016

D-Day Tournament 7x7

We invite you to take part in a tournament devoted to the largest landing operation of World War Two - pushing back the Western front towards Berlin in Normandy on June 6th 1944!


3 June 2016

Victory Day Tournaments

To celebrate Victory Day, from May the 6th to May the 9th we will be introducing open tournaments with equal terms for all the participants, where you can win Premium vehicles, Golden Eagles and more!


5 May 2016